The Big Show Co., needs your help TODAY to raise funds to cover rehearsal and production fees for their current project, The Collective Memory Project - with performances based on memories of veterans, performers, and the audience themselves.

In January 2015, The Big Show Co. launched a 3-year performance initiative called; The Collective Memory Project - a series of inclusive, highly personal performances where individual memories are activated and re-imagined to create communal experiences. The Big Show Co. partners with LA-based non-profit organization, Veterans in Film & Television (VFT), which helps bridge the military/civilian divide. The Big Show Co. gathers source text from veterans through a series of Memory Writing Workshops. The text generated at these workshops is used in the development of performance scripts. We need your help to continue this work! It is vital that veterans, artists, and audience members have the opportunity for the unique mutual recognition this project provides.

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