Arianne MacBean & The Big Show Co. partner with schools and dance programs to educate students about the power of dance-theater and personal expression. Using the Scripting the Body curriculum that was developed with the DURFEE Scholarship, Arianne integrates writing and movement studies as a means for creating dance-theater compositions. Workshops explore the relationship between the language of movement and the language of text, their interconnectivity and infinite reflective possibilities.

Arianne has taught Scripting the Body workshops and Artist Residencies at Scripps College, CalArts, Los Angeles Valley College and numerous National Dance Education Organization conferences across the nation. She continues to teach this method at Oakwood School in North Hollywood where she is Director of the Dance Program.

Workshops are tailor-made for the particular dance program or institution. Artist Residencies can include full company performances, Arianne's solo work, writing, movement, composition, technique or a combination of all. To book a workshop or Artist Residency, please contact us by clicking here.

Read Arianne's "Scripting the Body" essay published in the Journal of Dance Education